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"High Way"

New Video made in July at Corsica!
 There's also another video only available on my Website:
"Looking at the Horizon"!
Enjoy it!

"Corsica Ferries 2015"

Serie of drawings from Corsica! Watercolors on Paper...
You can see more at my website (also with a new design)!


After a long and cold winter, where I just basically worked on my Comics here it is my brand new video!
A guy planting a potato, giving back to earth what he takes from her!

Lulas' Portrait

Lulas' Portrait
Ink on paper/photoshop A4 2014

Stephane's Portrait

Stephane's Portrait
Ink on paper A4 2014


Its time to publish here something about my new blog: Zé Pintor Comics, which has the link in the GO FOR: section at your right side. Well this is my new character, and just take a look there to see my comics and the Zé Pintor Adventures.In the image up, Zé Pintor playing BlackSad, by Canales and Guarnido.

Big Ben

Big Ben
Ink and India Ink on paper A4 2014

Dolmens & Stonehenge

More drawings
Dolmens & Stonehenge
Ink on paper A4 2014

Arsenal Stadium (Highbury)

First London work!
Arsenal Stadium (Highbury)
Ink and Watercolor on paper A4 2014

Keep going on Nature! 
Bosques e Matas de Portugal - Serra do Geres 
Acrylic on Canvas  100x100cm  2014

New Drawings

In the develop of my work about landscapes I had done this drawings/watercolors.

"Digging a hole"

"Digging a hole" is inspired by a videowork of my friend, Andre Bastos.
I had made this video in Turkey and despite that I like the idea, it has some technical flaws, which led me to leave it in the drawer until this moment, in any case I think it's worth to be publish.
It is another excelent videographic work, that, I belive, not fall short of its peers.

Country Landscapes

A few more new projects, looking for the landscape.
Continuing to explore the pictorial plasticity in the landscape and its relations with the modernist movements.

Winter Landscapes

New projects, looking for the landscape.
In this case small acrylic paintings on paper, and the exploration of pictorial plasticity in wintry landscape!

"Coffee and Cigarettes"

My latest video, "Coffee and Cigarettes" (5'16).
I gave myself the right to make one for me too, of course!
A deep movie!

Turks Postcards

Serie of watercolor postcards (10x15cm) developed in Turkey.
Postcards are always a good solution When You are forced to reduce your ecological footprint.

you can see more on 

Exhibition in La Clef, Saint Germain en Laye, France

Here it is the flyer of my next exhibition.
coming soon, the photos of the paintings and the exhibition.

"Le Peintre Moderne"

O meu novo video "Le Peintre Moderne"...uma historia sobre o amor,  a busca, o desespero, a frustraçao... Mais uma obra de arte "das antigas". Obrigado.


My new video "Le Peintre Moderne"...A story about love, search, despair, frustration...  Another old fashion art work. Thanks

"New Website"

Como prometido aqui fica a ligaçao para o meu novo website.

As I promised here is the link to my new website.

"6000 views... new WebSite"

Para celebrar os 6000 views do meu blog, publico este desenho e informo que dentro das proximas semanas porei o meu novo website online. assim que este esteja disponivel publicarei aqui no blog o link.
Muito obrigado a todos aqueles que me visitaram e visitam.


To celebrate the 6000 views of my blog, I publish this drawing and inform you that in the next few weeks I will put my new website online. once it is available I will publish the link on the blog.
Many thanks to all those who visited and continue to visit me.

"Going away with the snow"

Olá, já faz um tempinho que nao vinha aqui publicar nada. Deixo-vos então o meu mais recente video: "Going away with the snow".
Só um gajo a andar na neve, ir-se embora.


Hello, it's been a while since i had came here to publish something. Then I leave you my latest video: "Going away with the snow."
Just a guy walking in the snow, going away.

"Artistic Residence on Sunhoo, Hanghzou, China 2012"

Um pequeno busto em gesso comprado em Shangai permitiu-me pintar Mao Tsé-Tung "O Grande Timoneiro". Foi só pelo prazer.
As próximas cinco postagens são então referentes a trabalhos desenvolvidos durante o mês de Setembro de 2012 na residência artística em Sunhoo, Hanghzou, China.
Há ainda uma pintura não concluída, logo, não apresentada.


A small plaster bust bought in Shanghai allowed me to paint Mao Zedong "The Great Helmsman". It was just for the pleasure.
The next five posts are then related to work done during the month of September 2012 in the artistic residence in Sunhoo, Hanghzou, China.
There is still an unfinished painting, therefore, not presented.

"Red Lantern"

Uma pequena pintura de 40x70cm de uma lanterna vermelha. O ultimo classificado na gíria futebolística e um icone na china.


A small painting of a red lantern 40x70cm. The last ranked in football slang and an icon in china.